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We are a one stop shop

SSS Provides the following services in the Residential Sector:

  1. Design and Construction of ADUs.

  2. Design and Construction of Garage Conversions.

  3. Landscaping Design - Drought Tolerant

  4. Backyard entertainment spaces Design

  5. Sustainable Urban Farming Design and Maintenance

  6. Construction and Project Management

  7. Solar Installation

  8. Water Recycling

  9. Green Roofs Design

  10. Sustainability Consulting for Commercial and Residential


We are experts in the analysis of residential properties and are passionate about designing and building sustainable projects that will ultimately also add value to your property.


We are a one-stop shop, which means we have a full team of realtors, contractors, designers, engineers and more.  We make sure we have the best people to walk you through all phases of the project.


We are known for designing and building sustainable projects at a reduced cost.  We ultimately also look to provide a financial benefit, as well as operational, for our clients, adding value to their property and improving the quality of enjoyment of their property.  

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